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NT leader Barbara Shaw appeals for funds

Barbara Shaw

My name is Barbara Shaw and I live in a “Prescribed Area” in Central Australia, Mt. Nancy Town Camp. I am a responsible person, look after my children (and other families’ children often) and am concerned for my people.

I am trying to raise funds to take a group of Aboriginal people from Central Australia to Canberra for the opening of Parliament, to join with others from around the country in solidarity to make a strong statement to the new government that there should be a immediate review of the NT Emergency Intervention Legislation, restoration of the Racial Discrimination Act and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

I am writing to request a donation to help cover the cost of hiring a bus to travel to Canberra and food and accommodation for the trip. Our total costs are going to be close to $35,000 and so far we have raised a quarter of this.

Community members have very little spare money especially those whose incomes have been quarantined. We are hoping to raise some funds through art sales, and some communities are asking members to put in so much per week out of their limited money. Any donation you are able to make would be a great help.

We have limited time as we hope to leave for Canberra in ten days’ time. CAAMA (Central Australia Aboriginal Media Association) is our sponsoring organisation and has kindly agreed to deposit funds in a special account.

Cheques should be made out to: CAAMA Productions – Support Fund
and sent to: PO Box 2608 Alice Springs NT 0871 as soon as possible.

With sincere thanks for your urgent consideration of this request.

Barbara Shaw
26 January 2008
Contact phone 040 129 1166

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