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NT Media release for Convergence on Canberra

A delegation of Aboriginal people from Central Australia will join with people from all around the country for the opening of Parliament on 12 February.The nationally organised “Convergence on Canberra” is calling for an immediate review of the NT Intervention, restoration of the Racial Discrimination Act, Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs, as well as implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples.

Organiser Barbara Shaw from Alice Springs said “We have to stand up for human rights. We have to roll back the Intervention and reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act”

Vincent Forrester, a long time Aboriginal activist and resident of Alice Springs, is one of the more than thirty people traveling to Canberra from Central Australia. “ The Prime Minister has to take leadership on the issue of reconciliation and the healing of the past. Australia must ratify and put in place protocol for the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” he said.

There will be workshops on the NT Intervention on 11 February, where those traveling from Central Australia will talk about how their lives are being affected, as well as an information session on why it is important that Australia implements the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

On Tuesday February 12 the convergence will march up to Parliament House with their demands.

The day after, the NT delegation will meet politicians in the Senate meeting rooms.

Contact: Barbara Shaw 0401 291 166
Marlene Hodder 0438 816 851

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