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Associated Events in Canberra

Source: Based on email received via ANTaR Victoria and Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (WGAR)

The main rally will be on the 12th Feb but there are plenty of reasons to be in Canberra for longer than that if you can:


Sunday 10th Feb: assistance with setting up the site for camping and convergence events. Second National Aboriginal Alliance meeting in Old Parliament House. Details below.

Monday 11th Feb: community information forums, with Indigenous people from the NT sharing their stories, and feedback from the second National Aboriginal Alliance meeting (being held on 10th Feb).

Tuesday 12th Feb: Main Rally: meet at Tent Embassy at 11:30am. Walk to new Parliament house and Rally 1pm.

Wednesday 13th Feb: PM Kevin Rudd has announced he will give the Apology to the Stolen generation on this day. There are also opportunities for people to meet with ministers (limited numbers).

Check in your area for transport arrangements if you’d like to be at one or more of these events!

Further Details of the National Aboriginal Alliance Meeting

Source: Les Malezer
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008

National Aboriginal Alliance – 2nd Meeting – 10 February 2008

[Please circulate widely]

Invitation to members and interested parties to attend:

11:00 – 17:00
[Registrations from 09:00]
Sunday, 10 February 2008
Old Parliament House

All members and participants in the National Aboriginal Alliance are called to the second meeting to be held in Canberra on Sunday, 10 February 2008. The venue will be the Members Dining Room in Old Parliament House. Due to many factors a casual lunch is included at a cost of $23 per person. Each participant is asked to pay their own lunch cost, but subsidies for those unable to pay are being pursued.
(The catering is part of the booking arrangements.) The venue is booked for 100 persons. If numbers exceed this amount, delegations will be asked to limit the number of representatives per organisation, community or region to ensure fairness and equality.

NOTE: Persons who might find themselves excluded or unable to participate due to the arrangements should note that the NAA is intended to be an inclusive organisation and opportunities will continue to exist to be heard and considered in all important matters.

This meeting, in particular, is intended to interact with all persons participating in the National Convergence.

The draft agenda is as follows:

9:00 am – Arrivals and Registrations
11:00 am – Welcome to Country and Opening
11:10 am – Election of Chairs and Secretaries for meeting
11:20 am – Reports and Feedback from NAA meeting, Alice Springs
11:40 am – Agenda Setting
11:45 am – Circulation of Draft Statements on Protocols and Principles
11:55 am – NT Invasion
1:00 pm – LUNCH
1:30 pm – Stolen Generations
2:30 pm – Building a national voice
3:30 pm – WORKSHOPS
4:30 pm – Resolutions
5:00 pm – Close

The final agenda will be determined at the NAA meeting.

DISCUSSION PAPERS – As this draft agenda reveals, time will be limited to debate issues. To streamline the meeting, discussion papers will be prepared and circulated before the meeting. Certain resolutions and statements will also be prepared in advance in anticipation of the views of NAA members. No draft document will be regarded as a final version, or pre-commitment, until duly considered at the NAA meeting.

NATIONAL CONVERGENCE – The timing of the meeting is intentional to coincide with the national convergence in Canberra. The NAA statements, protocols and principles will be presented to the national convergence for support and feedback. The convergence will also be regarded as an opportunity to recruit support and commitment to the NAA and its goals.

NAA EXECUTIVES – Please note also that there are no officials or representatives speaking on behalf of the NAA prior to this meeting. The meeting will be asked if it wants to determine structures and identify NAA representatives for, at a minimum, the interim period to the third meeting.
The author of this email and coordinator of the second meeting is Les Malezer –
Email: les.malezer@faira.org.au and Mobile: 0419 710720.

See National Aboriginal Alliance: http://nationalaboriginalalliance.org/

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