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Model motion for ALP branches and unions regarding the Stolen Generation and the immediate review of the NT Intervention legislation


The apology to the Stolen Generation is a momentous event in Australia’s otherwise sorry history in relation to its Indigenous peoples. Trade unions have played an important role in the fight for Indigenous rights, including the struggles that launched the modern land rights movement – the walk off at Wave Hill in 1967 and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972.

The trade union movement’s successful Your Rights At Work campaign that involved many rank-and-file ALP members played a key role in the downfall of the Howard government. Building solidarity between black and white is now key to turning back every element of Howard’s racist legacy, including the punitive and discriminatory NT Intervention legislation.

There was significant trade union support for the Canberra Convergence against the intervention on the first day of parliament (12 February), including from the NSW Teachers Federation, the Maritime Union of Australia, and the Construction division of the CFMEU.

Likewise at its conference in January, the Australian Education Union passed this resolution: “The AEU calls for an immediate review of the NT intervention legislation and will work in alliance with other appropriate organisations in pursuit of fair and just policy outcomes for Indigenous Australians”.

We need to build on this example and encourage ALP branches and other unions to call on the Rudd government to immediately review the NT Intervention, and to ensure that reparations are paid to members of the Stolen Generation.


The ____________ branch of the Australian Labor Party/____________ Union welcomes the apology to the Stolen Generations as an important initial step for Indigenous rights. We call on the Rudd government to immediately review the NT intervention legislation, to end welfare quarantining and the compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal land, to restore the Racial Discrimination Act, and to sign and implement the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Such a move would build on the goodwill already created by the Prime Minister’s apology to the Stolen Generation.”

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