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National Day of Action: Tell the Review Board what you really think!

Stop the NT intervention!

No expansion of racist welfare quarantines!

In ongoing action against the NT intervention, people around the country will take action this week against the ongoing injustice of the NT intervention and against its expansion to other areas of the country.

The policies of the intervention, which place targeted communities on ‘welfare quarantine’, have dramatically reduced access to food in remote areas.

The policies have reduced Aboriginal communities’ right to determine who does and does not enter their lands.

Police have been given extraordinary powers to arrest and hold people without charge, as well as powers to enter people’s homes and search without warrants. Compulsory bans on alcohol have put more Aboriginal people in jail, despite all recommendations of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody, which argue that this should only be used as a last resort.

Vince Forrester from NT community of Mutitjulu, has said of the laws, “We are living through Apartheid, we are back to the ration days”.

The Rudd government has continued to support these Howard-era policies, despite calls from doctors, social workers and the affected Aboriginal people themselves, to end them and restore the racial discrimination act.

On 11am Saturday 27th September, Sydney people will stand together against this intervention and with all others who stand against it. We will also stand against any expansion of these policies to anywhere else in the country — including La Perouse, which has been proposed for welfare quarantining by MP Peter Garrett.

Please donate to help us cover the travel costs of community members to get to the Sydney to speak directly about their experiences. The Aboriginal Rights Coalition, Sydney, meets every Monday at 6pm @ the Redfern Community Centre.

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