Aboriginal Rights Coalition
Aboriginal Control of Aboriginal Affairs

About the Aboriginal Rights Coalition

The Aboriginal Rights Coalition is a group which began meeting in September of 2007, after Olga Havnen and Pat Turner of the National Aboriginal Alliance spoke at a forum in Redfern, Sydney, on September 4.

The Aboriginal Rights Coalition initiated actions in Sydney for the November 17-18 National Days of Action against the Northern Territory intervention, and planned an action for Human Rights Day, on December 10th.

We have also initiated the nationwide convergence on Canberra planned for February 12th, the first day of parliament.

The first national Aboriginal Rights Coalition conference, Unite and Fight for Aboriginal Rights! was held in Sydney from 23-25 May, and attended by some 200 people.

The Aboriginal Rights Coalition includes both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal activists, activists of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives.

We meet at 6pm on Mondays, in the Redfern Community Centre on Hugo Street.

You can contact us by sending an email to aboriginalrightscoalition at gmail dot com. Further details about getting in touch with the ARC are on our contact page.

Details for making donations are on the donations page.

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