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Model motion for unions and political parties

February 18, 2008

Aboriginal Rights Coalition Model motion for ALP branches and unions regarding the Stolen Generation and the immediate review of the NT Intervention legislation Preamble: The apology to the Stolen Generation is a momentous event in Australia’s otherwise sorry history in relation to its Indigenous peoples. Trade unions have played an important role in the fight […]

February 7, 2008

Update: Buses and food

February 4, 2008

Buses Bus bookings from Sydney are still open and more buses have been sourced. Please contact Janene to book your seat – 0416 490 481. The cost is $20 ($10 concession). Please be prompt with payment (our banking details are on the donations page), since we need to pay for buses before we leave! Food […]

Transport from Melbourne

February 3, 2008

Source: Email received via ANTaR Vic TRANSPORT OPTIONS: Bus, Car Pool or Public Transport 1) BUS: the Alliance for Indigenous Self Determination are organising TWO buses: One leaving 10th feb and returning by 5pm on thursday 14th feb One leaving 11th feb and returning by 5pm on thursday 14th feb The Cost of the Bus […]

Associated Events in Canberra

February 3, 2008

Source: Based on email received via ANTaR Victoria and Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (WGAR) The main rally will be on the 12th Feb but there are plenty of reasons to be in Canberra for longer than that if you can: EVENTS: Sunday 10th Feb: assistance with setting up the site for camping and convergence […]

NT Media release for Convergence on Canberra

January 31, 2008

A delegation of Aboriginal people from Central Australia will join with people from all around the country for the opening of Parliament on 12 February.The nationally organised “Convergence on Canberra” is calling for an immediate review of the NT Intervention, restoration of the Racial Discrimination Act, Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs, as well as implementation […]

Media Release: “We don’t want to be asking for another apology in 20 years”

January 31, 2008

“We don’t want to be asking for another apology in 20 years”. Support swells for Convergence on Canberra against the NT intervention on the opening day of parliament. 30/01/2008 The Convergence on Canberra on Feb 12 against the Northern Territory intervention and for Aboriginal Rights is gaining significant momentum. Recent endorsements include the NSW Reconciliation […]

Urgent request for funds for NT mob to travel to Canberra

January 31, 2008

Barb Shaw has an update for her appeal for funds. The NT mob are leaving very soon, and need your help to be able to travel to Canberra! Any donation you are able to make would be a great help. We have limited time as we hope to leave for Canberra in ten days’ time. […]

Buses from Sydney

January 29, 2008

How to get there! Buses will be leaving from the Block, opposite Redfern Station, on Tuesday 12 February. Get there at 7am for a 7:30am departure. Ring Janene to book a seat on the bus – 0416 490 481. The cost is $20 ($10 concession). If you are interested in going down to Canberra on […]

NT leader Barbara Shaw appeals for funds

January 29, 2008

Hello, My name is Barbara Shaw and I live in a “Prescribed Area” in Central Australia, Mt. Nancy Town Camp. I am a responsible person, look after my children (and other families’ children often) and am concerned for my people. I am trying to raise funds to take a group of Aboriginal people from Central […]